Tennessee Colleges – Listing of all 4 Year Schools

Tennessee – 38 Schools – Quick Facts 2020*:

* Tennessee Schools:LocationUndergrad
In-State TuitionOut-of-State TuitionAnnual Room & Board% with FA from SchoolAverage FA from School% with FA -All SourcesAverage FA - all SourcesSAT Math 25%SAT Math 75%ACT Comp 25%ACT Comp 75%Adm RateGrad Rate
Austin Peay State UniversityClarksville6,9938,30313,84711,54224%5,170 96%8,146 470600192495%43%
Baptist Memorial College of Health SciencesMemphis48712,33212,3323,64837%6,515 94%10,489 202460%56%
Belmont UniversityNashville6,36735,65035,65012,52088%13,812 90%15,784 550650242984%72%
Bethel UniversityMcKenzie2,98117,01017,0109,19887%10,047 98%15,302 475560162090%32%
Bryan College-DaytonDayton67727,90027,9007,80083%15,025 83%20,668 51%45%
Carson-Newman UniversityJefferson City1,66128,90028,9008,72498%14,721 100%21,440 443608192969%57%
Christian Brothers UniversityMemphis1,44233,84033,8409,14399%18,736 100%24,118 222750%61%
Cumberland UniversityLebanon1,69424,00024,0007,72031%13,895 100%10,297 470550182361%43%
East Tennessee State UniversityJohnson City9,5339,25927,4068,24238%5,926 90%8,711 480570202786%50%
Fisk UniversityNashville71622,13222,13211,02238%18,041 94%12,803 460570182493%50%
Freed-Hardeman UniversityHenderson1,26822,95022,9507,95099%13,475 99%17,746 510600212888%58%
Johnson UniversityKnoxville63216,92016,9206,94690%3,948 94%7,644 500593192453%63%
King UniversityBristol1,46030,61630,6169,02484%17,590 91%20,395 500605202562%59%
Lane CollegeJackson1,18411,79011,7907,61026%6,836 94%9,201 22%
Le Moyne-Owen CollegeMemphis76111,19611,1966,10021%4,919 95%10,158 350450141880%14%
Lee UniversityCleveland3,78018,77018,7708,32582%10,375 92%13,392 450610212882%60%
Lincoln Memorial UniversityHarrogate1,39522,74022,7408,25074%16,051 94%16,506 490590192550%55%
Lipscomb UniversityNashville2,73833,42433,42413,28097%18,264 97%21,359 530640232963%68%
Martin Methodist CollegePulaski76924,90024,9008,40098%13,844 99%20,522 470590172299%36%
Maryville CollegeMaryville1,10235,57835,57811,710100%22,274 100%28,273 498633212756%51%
Middle Tennessee State UniversityMurfreesboro15,5119,07027,7428,97633%4,911 91%8,832 500620202694%47%
Milligan UniversityMilligan College73434,65034,6507,300100%19,976 100%24,463 545650222899%63%
Remington CollegeMemphis61115,39915,39922%1,016 75%5,501 49%
Rhodes CollegeMemphis1,99249,19849,19811,63193%30,345 95%32,069 600730273245%80%
Sewanee - The University of the SouthSewanee1,67846,47246,47213,26898%24,270 98%25,979 570660253067%79%
Southern Adventist UniversityCollegedale2,13922,52022,5207,64098%8,702 98%11,367 55%
Tennessee State UniversityNashville5,0299,01221,7327,61240%6,342 82%8,950 32%
Tennessee Technological UniversityCookeville7,9998,93424,7988,85048%4,001 96%7,777 500630212779%54%
Tennessee Wesleyan UniversityAthens88525,15025,1508,050100%15,037 100%20,564 500620192561%41%
Trevecca Nazarene UniversityNashville1,88626,09826,0988,900100%14,396 100%18,925 530648202662%56%
Tusculum UniversityGreeneville1,22324,86024,8609,34098%15,919 100%21,282 473570182372%41%
Union UniversityJackson1,77833,75033,75010,400100%16,059 100%21,077 510620223053%68%
University of MemphisMemphis12,0649,91213,75210,17579%4,137 94%10,174 500610192685%53%
University of Tennessee-ChattanoogaChattanooga9,0999,65625,7749,50057%5,106 96%9,151 510600212682%48%
University of Tennessee-KnoxvilleKnoxville21,48913,26431,66411,48254%7,493 84%10,464 570670243079%72%
University of Tennessee-MartinMartin4,7489,74815,7886,39680%3,012 97%9,414 212664%47%
Vanderbilt UniversityNashville6,78952,07052,07016,91062%42,932 63%44,291 75080033359%93%
Welch CollegeNashville23919,58219,5827,72870%8,040 74%11,817 53%

* Public and Private not-for-profit Universities & Colleges offering 4 year (Bachelor’s) degrees and with undergraduate enrollment of 200 or more during the 2019-20 fiscal year. Listing also includes community colleges that offer Bachelor degrees in addition to Associate (2 year) degrees. For-profit Universities & Colleges and 100% online/remote only schools are not included in this listing. All information as reported is from institutional data compiled by the US Department of Education.

Explanation of Table Headings:

% with FA from School: Percentage of full-time undergraduate students who received some form of financial assistance directly from the school. Financial Assistance (FA) includes scholarships and awards based on academic, athletic, financial need and other considerations.

Average FA from School: Average annual dollar value of financial assistance to  full-time undergraduate students who received  awards directly from the school.

% with FA -All Sources: Percentage of full-time undergraduate students who received some type of school, federal or other financial assistance.

Average FA – all Sources: Average annual dollar value of financial assistance to full-time undergraduate students who received some type of school, federal or other FA. Student loans are not included in this figure.

SAT & ACT Percentiles: Our data reports the 25th & 75th percentiles for SAT Math & ACT Composite scores of incoming students. Accordingly, the scores for the middle half of incoming students were within this range.

25% SAT Math & ACT Comp: 25% of the students admitted scored at this Percentile or below;  75% scored above this level.

75% SAT Math & ACT Comp: 75% of the students admitted scored at this Percentile or below; 25% scored above this level.

Adm Rate: Admission rate for incoming class – this is the percentage of total applicants who were offered admission and enrolled in the fall.

Grad Rate: Percentage of students who graduated within  6 years  from time of first enrollment.  The 6 year national graduation average for students seeking four year degrees is 59%. The 6-year graduation rate was 58% at public institutions,  65% at private non-profit institutions, and 32% at private for-profit institutions.