Oklahoma Schools – Listing of all 4 Year Colleges

Oklahoma – 26 Schools – Quick Facts 2020*:

* Oklahoma Schools:LocationUndergrad
In-State TuitionOut-of-State TuitionAnnual Room & Board% with FA from SchoolAverage FA from School% with FA -All SourcesAverage FA - all SourcesSAT Math 25%SAT Math 75%ACT Comp 25%ACT Comp 75%Adm RateGrad Rate
Bacone CollegeMuskogee24314,70014,7008,60092%8,415 97%13,529 350455131872%16%
Cameron UniversityLawton2,7136,45015,8705,45246%4,562 82%8,169 21%
East Central UniversityAda2,4567,05216,4126,84828%2,064 78%6,092 460560172359%37%
Langston UniversityLangston1,7206,42113,84010,44632%11,775 77%9,226 18%
Mid-America Christian UniversityOklahoma City1,27418,83818,8388,16661%8,730 89%10,227 33%
Northeastern State UniversityTahlequah4,6416,91515,3158,07450%4,516 89%7,016 4535451824100%33%
Northwestern Oklahoma State UniversityAlva1,4308,01815,1365,00069%3,627 86%6,711 460550172263%31%
Oklahoma Baptist UniversityShawnee1,78830,04430,0447,748100%15,533 100%18,256 500600202657%55%
Oklahoma Christian UniversityEdmond1,75323,85023,8508,55099%12,477 99%14,395 500600212767%55%
Oklahoma City UniversityOklahoma City1,59132,59432,5949,23699%17,759 99%19,226 530640222975%64%
Oklahoma Panhandle State UniversityGoodwell9467,2648,0085,82279%2,235 94%5,459 28%
Oklahoma State UniversityStillwater17,7229,01924,5399,15080%7,691 82%10,233 520640222870%65%
Oklahoma State Univ Inst of TechnologyOkmulgee1,6655,55011,1606,48092%1,522 97%5,227 37%
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma CityOklahoma City1,6285,03410,87212%2,074 56%5,553 11%
Oklahoma Wesleyan UniversityBartlesville56327,99627,9968,47099%12,235 99%15,356 480560182358%39%
Oral Roberts UniversityTulsa2,85130,07030,0708,45097%18,913 98%21,761 490610182568%55%
Randall UniversityMoore28015,92015,9208,00894%6,021 95%9,526 410490182444%50%
Rogers State UniversityClaremore2,2547,47015,8109,81454%4,668 98%6,302 22%
Southeastern Oklahoma State UniversityDurant2,4286,75015,3906,95863%6,509 85%9,194 182374%35%
Southern Nazarene UniversityBethany1,52825,41625,4169,96872%15,782 72%18,501 55%
Southwestern Christian UniversityBethany48716,33016,3307,10092%5,474 98%8,208 425540162062%25%
Southwestern Oklahoma
State University
Weatherford3,5937,69514,5956,03065%5,058 85%8,344 182491%35%
University of Central OklahomaEdmond10,1167,75318,6408,13047%2,550 77%7,776 192484%36%
University of OklahomaNorman19,06311,76327,14410,99486%6,662 89%8,897 550660232980%70%
University of Science & Arts of OklahomaChickasha7288,04018,9006,03080%7,416 92%12,032 420510192464%38%
University of TulsaTulsa3,15642,72342,72311,42498%31,850 98%33,921 540690243136%72%

* Public and Private not-for-profit Universities & Colleges offering 4 year (Bachelor’s) degrees and with undergraduate enrollment of 200 or more during the 2019-20 fiscal year. Listing also includes community colleges that offer Bachelor degrees in addition to Associate (2 year) degrees. For-profit Universities & Colleges and 100% online/remote only schools are not included in this listing.

Explanation of Table Headings:

% with FA from School: Percentage of full-time undergraduate students who received some form of financial assistance directly from the school. Financial Assistance (FA) includes scholarships and awards based on academic, athletic, financial need and other considerations.

Average FA from School: Average annual dollar value of financial assistance to  full-time undergraduate students who received  awards directly from the school.

% with FA -All Sources: Percentage of full-time undergraduate students who received some type of school, federal or other financial assistance.

Average FA – all Sources: Average annual dollar value of financial assistance to full-time undergraduate students who received some type of school, federal or other FA. Student loans are not included in this figure.

SAT & ACT Percentiles: Our data reports the 25th & 75th percentiles for SAT Math & ACT Composite scores of incoming students. Accordingly, the scores for the middle half of incoming students were within this range.

25% SAT Math & ACT Comp: 25% of the students admitted scored at this Percentile or below;  75% scored above this level.

75% SAT Math & ACT Comp: 75% of the students admitted scored at this Percentile or below; 25% scored above this level.

Adm Rate: Admission rate for incoming class – this is the percentage of total applicants who were offered admission and enrolled in the fall.

Grad Rate: Percentage of students who graduated within  6 years  from time of first enrollment.  The 6 year national graduation average for students seeking four year degrees is 59%. The 6-year graduation rate was 58% at public institutions,  65% at private non-profit institutions, and 32% at private for-profit institutions.