Missouri Schools – 4 Year Colleges

Missouri – 46 Schools – Quick Facts 2020*:

* Missouri Schools:LocationUndergrad
In-State TuitionOut-of-State TuitionAnnual Room & Board% with FA from SchoolAverage FA from School% with FA -All SourcesAverage FA - all SourcesSAT Math 25%SAT Math 75%ACT Comp 25%ACT Comp 75%Adm RateGrad Rate
Avila UniversityKansas City1,04220,50020,5008,764100%9,297 100%12,457 500555192341%55%
Baptist Bible CollegeSpringfield21514,25014,2507,50097%4,409 100%7,551 33%
Barnes-Jewish College of NursingSaint Louis562
Central Methodist UniversityFayette1,13125,07025,0708,160100%14,339 100%17,282 465545192593%47%
College of the OzarksPoint Lookout1,53319,66019,6607,600100%15,386 100%18,858 440595212610%71%
Columbia CollegeColumbia4,46923,49823,4988,40050%13,080 86%11,356 28%
Cottey CollegeNevada26821,76021,7607,700100%11,069 100%13,873 470590192446%58%
Cox CollegeSpringfield36312,60012,600100%750 100%2,250 39%
Culver-Stockton CollegeCanton91927,20527,2058,695100%15,451 100%18,395 450530182252%52%
Drury UniversitySpringfield1,46229,66529,6658,194100%17,965 100%20,449 525605222864%58%
Evangel UniversitySpringfield1,44224,32724,3278,52288%14,169 95%15,329 97%56%
Fontbonne UniversitySaint Louis78127,26027,26010,13498%18,686 98%23,594 500530182379%54%
Hannibal-LaGrange UniversityHannibal62223,59023,5908,30090%11,323 94%13,747 430550182561%41%
Harris-Stowe State UniversitySaint Louis1,3985,48410,1169,49161%5,225 98%8,749 17%
Kansas City Art InstituteKansas City66339,20039,20011,15099%19,788 100%22,490 57%61%
Lincoln UniversityJefferson City1,6937,91014,8987,28249%5,045 94%7,292 27%
Lindenwood UniversitySaint Charles5,96918,10018,1009,20099%10,203 100%12,307 490590202588%50%
Maryville University of Saint LouisSaint Louis2,59428,47028,47010,08898%16,690 99%18,738 530620202583%71%
Midwestern Baptist Theological SeminaryKansas City2808,2908,2907,85047%661 70%4,127 5606402024100%79%
Missouri Baptist UniversitySaint Louis1,47128,22028,22010,20098%15,825 98%18,267 450550192361%45%
Missouri Southern State UniversityJoplin4,1726,80313,6067,13770%2,801 92%5,735 430560182494%32%
Missouri State University-SpringfieldSpringfield14,9247,58815,8989,12863%3,420 77%5,819 520620212788%56%
Missouri University of Science & TechnologyRolla6,0659,93627,48410,42081%7,070 91%9,088 600750263279%66%
Missouri Valley CollegeMarshall1,39721,10021,1009,400100%12,398 100%15,156 440550162153%23%
Missouri Western State UniversitySaint Joseph3,5928,22514,1359,12577%5,027 94%8,039 38%
Northwest Missouri State UniversityMaryville4,9288,23814,0209,02290%5,690 97%8,025 500630192573%52%
Ozark Christian CollegeJoplin48813,22013,2205,91098%4,698 99%6,768 440580192467%54%
Park UniversityParkville4,01111,19011,1908,48055%5,624 84%7,766 62%
Ranken Technical CollegeSaint Louis1,21014,88914,8895,20057%3,719 69%7,508 53%
Rockhurst UniversityKansas City1,45638,76038,7609,690100%27,161 100%28,937 540640212764%76%
Saint Louis UniversitySaint Louis6,44045,42445,42412,60097%27,530 97%29,203 580700253058%79%
Saint Luke's College of Health SciencesKansas City38711,85011,85083%3,815
Southeast Missouri State UniversityCape Girardeau7,2967,80013,8309,26783%5,134 91%7,638 86%50%
Southwest Baptist UniversityBolivar1,78024,57824,5787,82078%15,745 95%16,400 450565192571%46%
St. Louis College of PharmacySaint Louis37229,59629,59612,25698%15,530 98%19,165 598680242992%82%
Stephens CollegeColumbia45722,70022,70010,632100%18,804 100%22,689 470610202556%46%
Truman State UniversityKirksville4,7718,12015,3149,01299%5,892 99%8,501 570670243163%75%
University of Central MissouriWarrensburg7,2937,96914,7158,96262%3,858 83%5,739 192565%51%
University of MissouriColumbia20,72010,47728,34810,50877%8,802 79%11,457 560680232981%71%
University of Missouri-Kansas CityKansas City6,6069,91524,60311,79673%4,400 85%6,935 480680212861%50%
University of Missouri-St LouisSaint Louis5,38310,17027,34210,34092%10,879 95%14,417 520620212773%52%
Washington University in St LouisSaint Louis7,14655,29255,29216,90041%45,995 43%47,253 760800333514%95%
Webster UniversitySaint Louis2,30328,70028,70011,12096%17,467 96%20,162 500610212757%58%
Westminster CollegeFulton69229,49029,49010,47899%16,259 100%19,254 500600202596%59%
William Jewell CollegeLiberty77934,45034,45010,130100%23,020 100%25,506 540650222746%63%
William Woods UniversityFulton77024,83024,8309,89097%14,591 99%16,323 202664%58%

* Public and Private not-for-profit Universities & Colleges offering 4 year (Bachelor’s) degrees and with undergraduate enrollment of 200 or more during the 2019-20 fiscal year. Listing also includes community colleges that offer Bachelor degrees in addition to Associate (2 year) degrees. For-profit Universities & Colleges and 100% online/remote only schools are not included in this listing. All information as reported is from institutional data compiled by the US Department of Education.

Explanation of Table Headings:

% with FA from School: Percentage of full-time undergraduate students who received some form of financial assistance directly from the school. Financial Assistance (FA) includes scholarships and awards based on academic, athletic, financial need and other considerations.

Average FA from School: Average annual dollar value of financial assistance to  full-time undergraduate students who received  awards directly from the school.

% with FA -All Sources: Percentage of full-time undergraduate students who received some type of school, federal or other financial assistance.

Average FA – all Sources: Average annual dollar value of financial assistance to full-time undergraduate students who received some type of school, federal or other FA. Student loans are not included in this figure.

SAT & ACT Percentiles: Our data reports the 25th & 75th percentiles for SAT Math & ACT Composite scores of incoming students. Accordingly, the scores for the middle half of incoming students were within this range.

25% SAT Math & ACT Comp: 25% of the students admitted scored at this Percentile or below;  75% scored above this level.

75% SAT Math & ACT Comp: 75% of the students admitted scored at this Percentile or below; 25% scored above this level.

Adm Rate: Admission rate for incoming class – this is the percentage of total applicants who were offered admission and enrolled in the fall.

Grad Rate: Percentage of students who graduated within  6 years  from time of first enrollment.  The 6 year national graduation average for students seeking four year degrees is 59%. The 6-year graduation rate was 58% at public institutions,  65% at private non-profit institutions, and 32% at private for-profit institutions.