Kentucky Schools – 4 Year Colleges

Kentucky – 27 Schools – Quick Facts 2020*:

* Kentucky Schools:LocationUndergrad
In-State TuitionOut-of-State TuitionAnnual Room & Board% with FA from SchoolAverage FA from School% with FA -All SourcesAverage FA - all SourcesSAT Math 25%SAT Math 75%ACT Comp 25%ACT Comp 75%Adm RateGrad Rate
Alice Lloyd CollegePippa Passes61812,23012,2307,16092%3,734 98%10,033 440520182227%52%
Asbury UniversityWilmore1,29130,95230,9527,53698%13,791 100%17,410 510660212864%68%
Bellarmine UniversityLouisville2,40842,83042,8309,420100%28,913 100%33,865 520620222866%66%
Berea CollegeBerea1,63144,70044,7006,966100%37,539 100%44,698 540638232730%68%
Brescia UniversityOwensboro75423,50023,5009,94098%17,059 99%22,284 510650202642%34%
Campbellsville UniversityCampbellsville2,26925,40025,4008,00088%14,977 94%20,865 70%36%
Centre CollegeDanville1,43343,00043,00010,740100%27,585 100%31,099 560730263276%84%
Eastern Kentucky UniversityRichmond10,4519,87619,94810,47665%6,357 98%8,608 500580202694%45%
Georgetown CollegeGeorgetown91239,81039,81010,160100%28,110 100%34,013 512640212763%45%
Kentucky Christian UniversityGrayson45620,59620,5968,48098%9,573 98%13,643 412510172140%35%
Kentucky State UniversityFrankfort1,0698,09011,9406,69091%5,779 92%11,712 440530182281%25%
Kentucky Wesleyan CollegeOwensboro75327,20027,20010,217100%14,705 100%20,009 500588202662%45%
Lindsey Wilson CollegeColumbia1,89625,35025,3509,42598%16,449 100%22,973 38%
Midway UniversityMidway82024,85024,8508,60098%12,115 100%17,520 470550192360%44%
Morehead State UniversityMorehead5,7519,29013,8769,49074%5,894 98%9,565 468620202678%46%
Murray State UniversityMurray6,2369,16824,7929,46689%7,524 99%10,450 505620212882%55%
Northern Kentucky UniversityHighland Heights8,55110,29620,25610,04683%6,222 98%8,981 510640202690%46%
Southern Baptist Theological SeminaryLouisville61120,79620,7967,45049%1,428 49%1,428 500600192668%34%
Spalding UniversityLouisville84725,20025,2007,90097%8,425 99%14,853 500570172279%40%
Thomas More UniversityCrestview Hills1,40032,09032,0909,000100%16,312 100%20,867 510560192591%54%
Transylvania UniversityLexington97640,21040,21010,770100%21,364 100%26,418 530670233090%70%
Union CollegeBarbourville91627,95027,9507,50097%14,248 100%20,486 172255%39%
University of KentuckyLexington20,48412,36030,68013,21077%10,178 92%11,507 530670222996%66%
University of LouisvilleLouisville11,93011,92827,9549,45280%8,336 96%10,830 530650222969%59%
University of PikevillePikeville1,05621,55021,5507,950100%8,904 100%17,047 28%
University of the CumberlandsWilliamsburg1,9749,8759,8759,30099%14,636 99%19,506 470560182480%44%
Western Kentucky UniversityBowling Green12,39310,80226,4968,43269%5,823 95%8,255 490600192797%48%

* Public and Private not-for-profit Universities & Colleges offering 4 year (Bachelor’s) degrees and with undergraduate enrollment of 200 or more during the 2019-20 fiscal year. Listing also includes community colleges that offer Bachelor degrees in addition to Associate (2 year) degrees. For-profit Universities & Colleges and 100% online/remote only schools are not included in this listing. All information as reported is from institutional data compiled by the US Department of Education.

Explanation of Table Headings:

% with FA from School: Percentage of full-time undergraduate students who received some form of financial assistance directly from the school. Financial Assistance (FA) includes scholarships and awards based on academic, athletic, financial need and other considerations.

Average FA from School: Average annual dollar value of financial assistance to  full-time undergraduate students who received  awards directly from the school.

% with FA -All Sources: Percentage of full-time undergraduate students who received some type of school, federal or other financial assistance.

Average FA – all Sources: Average annual dollar value of financial assistance to full-time undergraduate students who received some type of school, federal or other FA. Student loans are not included in this figure.

SAT & ACT Percentiles: Our data reports the 25th & 75th percentiles for SAT Math & ACT Composite scores of incoming students. Accordingly, the scores for the middle half of incoming students were within this range.

25% SAT Math & ACT Comp: 25% of the students admitted scored at this Percentile or below;  75% scored above this level.

75% SAT Math & ACT Comp: 75% of the students admitted scored at this Percentile or below; 25% scored above this level.

Adm Rate: Admission rate for incoming class – this is the percentage of total applicants who were offered admission and enrolled in the fall.

Grad Rate: Percentage of students who graduated within  6 years  from time of first enrollment.  The 6 year national graduation average for students seeking four year degrees is 59%. The 6-year graduation rate was 58% at public institutions,  65% at private non-profit institutions, and 32% at private for-profit institutions.